Thursday, March 26, 2015

New Book Review Blog: Review by Author Barbara Tira: "For those who have loved passionately..."

Title: Roadmaps for the Sexually Challenged [All’s Not Fair in Love or War]
Author: Marlan Warren
Where to buy (Kindle E-Book Only):
Genre: Contemporary Women’s Fiction
Publisher: Roadmap Girl Publications

From the New Book Review Blog:

NEW "WOW" REVIEW! "For those who love passionately..."

When I found "Roadmaps," I put down the best-seller-turned-movie I was reading at the time, so I could savor Ms. Warren's story until the very end. As a longtime Los Angeleno, I was immediately drawn back into the lifestyle, loves, and struggles in the expansive, diverse, and incomparable Los Angeles of 20 years ago, the likes of which is just a memory today. But whose emotions, challenges, and successes remain Universal.

This novel/memoir is for anyone who has ever known the epitome of joy and the profound depths of despair. For those who have loved passionately, and for those whose hearts have been trampled to shreds. For those who have found, or for those who are still seeking the strength and spirit to rise again.

I eagerly await the sequel!  I want more!!!!!

   -- Barbara Tira, Author of the Upcoming From Catholic School to Imprisonment to Freedom

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